Bella Fuchsia ® Hilda *


Bella Fuchsia ® Hilda * is a semi-trailing Fuchsia with great growth habits. This variety branches very well and is rich flowering. The flower is similar with Patio Princess, but the growth- and flowering characteristics of Bella Fuchsia ® Hilda * are better.


Flowering time:

  • medium early


  • compact growth

Recommended for...:

  • Hanging basket up to 23cm
  • 10,5cm pot hanging

* Plant Patent Protection

All varieties marked with * are registered at Federal Planz Variety Protection or/and are subject to trademark protection and to licensing fees. Propagation without owning a valid licensing and/or propagation contract entered into with the appropriate holder of variety rights is not permitted.

Bella Fuchsia ® Hilda * is available as: