Bella Fuchsia ® Sarah *


Bella Fuchsia ® Sarah * and Bella Fuchsia ® Mariska * are our earliest flowering Fuchsia varieties. Bella Fuchsia ® Sarah * blooms richly and all summer long.

Bella Fuchsia ® offers you the finest selection of Fuchsia varieties. The blooms of these varieties have outward and upward facing flowers, meaning no more hidden blooms.



Flowering time:

  • early


  • compact growth

Recommended for...:

  • 10,5cm pot standing

* Plant Patent Protection

All varieties marked with * are registered at Federal Planz Variety Protection or/and are subject to trademark protection and to licensing fees. Propagation without owning a valid licensing and/or propagation contract entered into with the appropriate holder of variety rights is not permitted.

Bella Fuchsia ® Sarah * is available as: